Meet the Black Rhino

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Meet the Black Rhino...

Great and powerful creature. I remember the first time I met with the Black Rhino - I will never forget the energizing power seen in the Rhino eyes. With the Black Rhino, I felt that the animal is much smarter than us humans... Deep eyes opened a new universe for me - emotions, feelings and elderly wise look got me stunned...


In the same way that the white rhino is not white, the black rhino is not black. The black rhino is a browser and is often found in thick bush. Far more shy, secretive and aggressive than the white rhino, the black rhino can be more difficult to track and spot.


Populations of black rhino have been decimated over recent years. It is thought that as recently as 1970 there were as many as 65,000 black rhinos in the wild. The estimated population today is less than 5,000.


Lifespan: Between 30 and 40 years

Speed: Up to 50km per hour (28mph)

Front horn length: 54cm to 134cm

Wild population: 5,000 to 5,500




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