Our listing was removed from Amazon... \ Lab report - not available due to competitors copy our recipe.

Rhino Brothers

Dear Friends,


Our listing on Amazon was temporarily removed due to unknown to us reasons.

As this niche is very competitive we have many sellers who are literally trying to get rid of us. ( More details for your review coming up. )
We stay positive and believe that truth and our love for this product will win. We will keep you updated on the outcome.

P.S. Amazon is very strict with this kind of products ( associated with cannabis. ) lots of great products are being banned every day. At this stage, we are working on our strategy on how to remain on Amazon and provide the highest product quality possible. 

We apologize but we won't be able to provide any detailed lab reports, only ingredients of the product due to competitors copying our recipe. 

Detailed reports will be available when we will sort how to deal with our competitors. 

If you have any additional queries please email us


Yours faithfully Rhino Brothers Team.

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